I’m stranded all the out in Texas for work, cooped up in a hotel with basically no WiFi, so this page is unfortunately not going to look much better than “pretty rough.” Sorry for that.

So! You’ve drawn my name for Secret Santa 2018! Well, I thank you greatly for taking up my cause. This is my first time doing this sort of online gift exchange, so I’m quite excited to see how this all goes...and it also feels like I have no clue if I’m doing anything right. XD

Off the bat seems the best place to mention that my shirt size is a men’s XL.

Honestly, though, I will be happy with anything that I get through this. That said, though, here are things I think would be cool, which will hopefully be solid jumping-off points for hashing out gift ideas.

A nice big one: FOOD. I am an absolute sucker for those sampler packs of everything, for example. Chocolate/candy/mochi assortments, bottles of hot sauce, hot chocolate variety packs, cracker sausages with a thing of crackers—these things are MY JAM!! One of my birthday presents this year was an assortment of teas, and it was perfect. That’s the kind of level I’m at. Something like a loot crate but with snacks would rule.

Related to that are snacks and drinks not from where I’m around, which would be New Jersey. I’m the kind of person who will get multiple varieties of Faygo when I happen to spot it while out traveling out of sheer curiosity, and who as we speak is aiming to try this soda called Big Red soda that he’s never heard of before while out here in San Antonio. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE English candy; I have an especially soft spot for Aeros. I like getting crisps and Pocky and such from the Asian food market nearby. If you live in Canada, literally send me some legit proper ketchup chips or a bag of those barbecue Doritos that are apparently amazing but not for sale over here in the states, and boom, happy camper over here. If there’s any treats local to you that you think warrant experiencing, SEND EM. As long as it’s not seafood or wasabi, I am open to it!


Another thing: MUSIC. It’s essentially my biggest passion. Rock, pop, rap, electronic music from trance to drum ‘n bass, metal, anime soundtracks, game soundtracks, vaporwave, disco—it runs the gamut, basically. Get me an album that you love, tell me why you love it so much, and I promise you I will give it a good listen. Chances are I’m going to enjoy it, and I absolutely will appreciate it.

On that note, some bands and artists that would be good to avoid, as I pretty much have everything from them already but may serve as good musical reference points that I adore so much, would be Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, CHVRCHES, Mastodon, The Beatles, Breaking Benjamin, N.W.A, Daft Punk, Carpenter Brut, the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks, Tiesto, and Coldplay. I am aware that this list indeed looks stupid and jarring.


I am not nearly well-versed in jazz, metal, or country. Outside of Perfume, I’ve not gotten much serious exposure to J-Pop. Much outside-the-US-and-UK music, in fact, is outside of my wheelhouse. Please note, this isn’t a list of things to avoid; quite the opposite, in fact. Give me something that is anything like this, and I will eagerly dive in.

Where accessorizing, shirts/sweatshirts, and other things revolving around that go, I have always been a Nintendo kinda guy on the video game front. Mario stuff especially—my past wallet was an NES controller, my current one’s an NES Super Mario Bros. cartridge—and I have a stupid number of Splatoon shirts, but Kirby and Star Fox-related things would also be awesome from that category. I don’t know if “Destiny merch” is a niche that exists...but I know Halo things surely do, and Halo 1 and Halo 2 were some of my big loves back in the day.


Things from fighting games would be cool, too! Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue would be especially good ones.

I don’t know if anyone is putting out Azumanga Daioh stuff anymore in 2018, but that would always be welcome. Yotsuba&! would be even better.


My Hero Academia is the one stratospherically popular anime that I’m probably ever going to be extremely into. Well, the only one that isn’t SAO, I guess.

Since yeah, I may try using as many qualifying statements as possible when talking about it in polite company, but the honest truth is that I have a big soft spot for Sword Art Online. It’s even softer for that Gun Gale Online spinoff. And it’s softest for Sinon as a character in particular.


If they’re still putting out Nendoroid Petit blind boxes for Girls und Panzer, then I would be highly interested to this day.

Alright, I’ve rambled more than enough, let’s cut it off here. Hopefully there is something in here that ends up serving as inspiration! I look forward to what comes my way this holiday season, and thank you greatly, once again, for taking the time to humor this soul.