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I’ve seen this put on for a few years now, and with a little upcoming PTO from work to spare, as well as a 60-day writing gauntlet already under my belt, it’s time to do away with hesitation: This year, I will try my hand at the 12 Days of Anime.

Now, most of my personal exposure to this little video/blogging event came from seeing the Black Critic Guy participate over on YouTube for about a couple of years, and that’s about it. Thus, in the grander scheme of everything, I am perhaps a little very EXTREMELY green to the whole enterprise. But hey! What better way to get with the program than to give it a shot?


Based on the introductory video and respective blog-centric post for this year’s happenings, the guidelines seem simple enough: Start with an introductory video or post (e.g. this one) before December 14. Then, put out one anime-involved piece per day, starting on December 14 and concluding on December 25, i.e. Christmas Day. Keep that up for all 12 days, and you’re golden. All indications are that it can encompass all topics and moods, but with the more benevolent and joyful side of the holidays as my muse, I intend to spend these days writing about various things I liked or enjoyed in the anime I watched, with maybe slight diversions into games or manga for a day or two.

In ten days, we shall see how this goes. There should be some fun times ahead!

On a programming note, though I’m sharing this introduction on TAY to spread the word and such, the run of 12 posts proper will stay relegated to my personal site with appropriate tags.

As for the more organizational aspects of the event, it looks like there two places to register one’s participation. One mainly revolves around video makers but can also encompass writing. Another is more centered around blogging. In case anyone else might be compelled to give it a try. :o

(shout-out to Chocotto Sister for the eternally iconic holiday imagery)

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